Lucius Works Here +Oxlabb


  • Saturday 12 20:50 - 21:50

    SonarLab - Acro

Capturing the sound and atmosphere of today

   Shak Benavides, the solo artist behind the Lucius Works Here project, is a great connoisseur of the history of music (popular and avant-garde) and, for some time now, has been focusing her interest on the sounds and composers of the 19th century, an era that has been little studied and yet forgotten in these times. This is the driving force behind her excellent radio programme on, "Los Secretos de Tesla", and also her new album, "Detenido en el Tiempo", dedicated to 19th century intellectuals and artists: Camille Claudel, Claude Debussy, Virginia Woolf, Erik Satie, Lewis Carroll, Emma Goldman and Nikola Tesla himself.
   Benavides captures the sounds and atmosphere of that time, uses field recordings and sound fragments of films or old documents and uses the sampler in an unusual way to give shape to beautiful and very suggestive songs, falling between minimalism and experimental ambient, which makes her project a rarity in the current music scene, both nationally and internationally. She will be accompanied live by Oxlab, who reinforces with beautiful images that unusual leap in time that Shak proposes to us with her music.