Opioid Slot Machine


  • Friday 11 21:20 - 22:20

    SonarLab - Acro

Raw and Unexpected Enenrgy to the dancefloor

   Opioid Slot Machine is a project founded in Thessaloniki,Greece on 2016 from Grigoris Kordellas and Iakovos Vogiatzoglou. They had their first EP released on Drvg Cvltvre's imprint "New York Haunted" along with a second one followed in 2018 on the same label. After Iakovos moved to Copenhagen, Opioid Slot Machine became mostly a solo project from Grigoris. Last year they desided to start their own record label called "OSM tapes". The two first releases came from NO/ON and Drvg Cvltvre with another three tapes coming up to see the light soon. OSM have performed in some of the most important venues and festivals in Greece and also in cities like Berlin, Sofia, Zurich, Nicosia & Skopje. From experimental to industrial techno, from ambient and noise to EBM and from slowburned tracks to uptempo they deliver some raw and unexpected energy to the dancefloor.