What is Sónar Athens?

Sónar Athens is the Greek edition of the pioneering international festival of electronic music and digital arts, based in Barcelona.

is one of the oldest cities in Europe, the birthplace of democracy and theatre, and with a history of promoting the arts and philosophy stretching back to the 5th century BC.

Today, ith a population of 4,5 million, Athens is a forward thinking and  cosmopolitan Metropolis, with a vibrant underground creative scene in addition to world famous attractions such as  the Acropolis with the Parthenon

All this makes it a fitting location for Sónar festival, the innovative cultural event that since 1994 has brought cutting edge electronic music to a global audience with events around the world.

Sónar Athens  represents the unique vibe of the modern Greek capital. A crossroads between East and West, and a  melting pot of influences, steeped in history, the city is the perfect backdrop for a line up combining electronica powerhouses and experimental acts from around the world, while also presenting both established and up-and-coming local artists.